Art event with children


Sunday, June 4th.

GOFAR BANK and Kadoma City, Osaka Prefecture, teamed up to hold a children’s art event♪

Many children aged 2 to 5 years old who attend the “Child Development Support Center” in Kadoma City participated♡

We prepared as many art materials as possible because we wanted both the children and their parents to realize the wonderful talents and great powers hidden within them♪

“What kind of work will they make…?”… The amazing thing about children is that they always completely defy our expectations✨


So free✨

So wonderful✨

So cool✨

It was a day where we could once again realize the great power of art♡

We are truly grateful to the many companies in Kadoma City for sponsoring this event♡

We are very happy to have been able to make everyone happy: the children, the parents, the center staff, the people of Kadoma City, and the companies!

The works they made today will be beautifully dressed up and unveiled at an art exhibition to be held at a later date♪

Please come and see them♡