Bridge Project Exhibition in Finland


The exchange between Japanese and Finnish children through art began in 2016.

In 2019, we celebrated the 100th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and Finland. To commemorate this, a children’s exchange exhibition “SHARE the HAPPINESS JAPAN ⇄ FINLAND” was held in Osaka in July 2019, followed by the “Bridge Project” exhibition in Askola, Finland in January 2020.

The opening party at the library, where the large 6m-long “Bridge of Friendship” that started in Askola and was completed in Osaka, many works from the Bridge Project, and a blue floral tablecloth created jointly by children from both countries were exhibited, was attended by many people, and it was a bright and lively start.

And on this occasion, we held two workshops at the Askola Art School.
Art that can build children’s hearts and friendships

A project where children’s smiles overlap

This was also featured in the local newspaper. The title of the article was “Art does not need words or language”

That’s why…we hope that in the future, we can build friendships not only between Japan and Finland, but also between children all over the world.

The first project of 2020 ended with a warm handshake.

“The joy of painting transcends borders”


It conveys feelings across borders. It brings the happiness over the borders.

It might motivate someone to smile.

We would like to convey the happiness of painting to the kids, who seldom have been impressed by the happiness of painting.

The world can be changed by the smiles of children.

A smile of the kids should bring a utopia.

We believe.