GOFAR BANK Summer Festa first 2012 – Our possibilities are endless! –

Screening of the documentary film “SWITCHI” by Kazuo Murakami, a scientist who continues to explore the infinite possibilities of human beings; holding a talk show with Naoki Suzuki, who planned, composed, and directed “SWITCHI”; We held a stone art workshop where you can find your favorite stone and enjoy using a variety of materials.

After the movie, talk show, and stone art, we also held a mystical concert featuring the folk music “Ulan” – a landscape of the soul drawn with sound – that adults and children alike could enjoy together.

In preparation for July 7th, there were many events such as GOFAR Tanabata, where people wrote their wishes on GOFAR strips of paper and displayed them on bamboo leaves (after the Tanabata festival, they were dedicated to Sumiyoshi Shrine in Katano City).

I would be very happy if I could help you feel the moment when the switch is turned on to awaken your genes and the genes of your children.

Proceeds will be used to support children in the disaster area.