GOFAR’S Christmas Party 2022


The children greeted us with a cheerful “Hello!”.
We wanted to convey our gratitude to these beloved children by saying “Thank you for always coming!”. That’s why we held the Christmas party.

The day of the party started with a performance by chromatic harmonica player Naoya Oka, who also performed at the GOFAR BANK event at Nakanoshima Public Hall about six years ago. He played seven songs that the children love, including an encore.

Next was the bingo tournament that everyone was looking forward to!

The prizes were prepared a month in advance and carefully wrapped one by one.

Just as we expected…

The children were excited and upset when the numbers were read out, shouting “There it is!!!” and “There it is not!” The whole studio was in an uproar.

Finally, we had a riddle battle between classes based on the day of the week.

The order in which the children went to get their lunches and gopher cookies was decided by the scores.