Hisanohama Restoration Pledge Concert Art Event

On March 11, 2012, exactly one year after the Great East Japan Earthquake, we held an event in Kunohama, Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture.
The venue was Hisanohama Junior High School, 31.5 km from the nuclear power plant.
For the people and children of Kunohama, I want March 11th to be etched in their hearts not only as a day of sadness, but as “a day that moves toward hope for tomorrow.” With that in mind, we spent half a year preparing, and the day turned out to be the best event ever.
The hearts of accordionist Kanako Kato and violinist Yuriko Mukaijima are seen in the background of a large heart-shaped artwork created by around 300 children from the Kansai region and around 300 children from Iwaki City. The concert was filled with warmth and kindness, including a muffled performance, a session with the junior high school brass band and all the students, and a chorus of “Furusato” by about 300 people at the venue.
It was a day where we could feel the emotional connection between us and the people of Kunohama as we heard many, many words of “Thank you.”