Mural painting & orchestra concert in children’s home


I volunteer at a children’s home every month.

I wanted to give the children who live there a memorable page, so I planned a “mural painting.”

We went beyond the usual hall and went to a warehouse in the playground as our canvas for the day.

There were lots of paints and paper cups on a blue sheet…

The children were a little confused by the unusual way of painting,

but when we said, “You can use any color you like, make any color you like, and paint however you like!”, their faces lit up and the paints and brushes they picked up started dancing all at once.

The white canvas in the warehouse was splattered with colors of their own imagination.

Putting paint on the palm of your hand and tapping it is a universal pastime.

Some children were fascinated by the way the colors changed as they mixed the paints.

At first, the pictures were scattered sparsely, but by the end, a wonderful canvas was completed with so many colors that there were no gaps.
In the afternoon, there was a full orchestra concert planned by Masaaki Nagata, who teaches music to children in poor areas overseas.

Forty musicians gathered together to perform for the children.

The orchestra’s name was “Cozy Orchestra,” and “cozy” means “cozy.”

As the name suggests, the music was extremely gentle…and yet powerful, and the children were thrilled.

Everyone sang and danced to their favorite song, “Paprika.”

After the performance, the children even got to try out the instruments, and they played with great interest.

On this day, which we planned to make a special day… the children’s smiles were overflowing…and so were we…

It was a wonderful event with everyone involved saying, “It was so much fun!!!”

This is…

Share the Happiness ♡

That’s what I think.

The sky was clear and blue on the day♪

I’m sure God shared his joy with us too.