Our art is also an explosion! “Forest Music Picnic” Workshop

What kind of miracles will be born when art and music collaborate?
With this in mind, we held a workshop at the event “Forest Music Picnic” held at Expo Park.

Around a large 8m x 8m canvas, various musicians played music that evoked images of traveling around the world, and many children drew their own pictures while feeling the live performance in their bodies.

Part 1: “Let’s go! Let’s go! On our journey” To European dance music
Performance: Hidenori Omori (violin) / Yasumasa Okazaki (guitar)

Part 2 “On the journey. Towards hope” Feeling the heartbeat of Africa
Performance: Sekba Keita / Satmin / Duniduni

Part 3: “At the end of the journey. With a prayer” To the melancholy sound of the forest instrument saw
Performance: Hajime Sakita

It’s a perfect day for an autumn picnic♪ The canvas was filled with lots of smiles, and the picture of a big sun was completed.

At the finale, more than 1,000 people danced in multiple circles around children’s drawings and followed a parade of musicians from various countries.

The children’s drawings overflowed with “feelings” and “power,” the wonderful music played by the musicians permeated their bodies, and everyone’s big smiles burst out into the evening sky.

This may be the answer to “the miracle caused by the collaboration of art and music”♪