Our feelings become the wind Love on the wind

On a spring day with blue skies, the open-ceiling event venue at Hirakata T-SITE was filled with laughter.

We want to convey the joy of drawing to children living in the slums and garbage dumps of Cebu Island in the Philippines. To make this dream a reality, we at GOFAR BANK held an art event at Hirakata T-SITE.

The total number of visitors on the day was about 360 people.

The bookshelves on the walls of the venue, which reached up to the ceiling, were decorated with colorful pictures drawn by the children of Kids Art Land, who had expressed their feelings for the children of Cebu Island.

In addition, many children participated in the “Paper Airplane Project,” where children flew paper airplanes with their own pictures on them, and the paper airplanes filled the venue with their thoughts.

All donations and profits from this art event were used to purchase art supplies for local children at “The Joy of Drawing Across Borders in Cebu Island,” which was held from April 30th to May 5th.