The joy of drawing transcends borders in Cambodia

For three days, from July 15th to 17th, 2017, GOFAR BANK held a workshop to convey the joy of drawing to children in Siem Reap, Cambodia.


At the first elementary school we visited, we held a workshop where approximately 60 children aged 3 to 3rd grade drew pictures on box patterns.

In this workshop, in order for the children to experience the fun of mixing colors, we put 12 colors of paint on a paper plate and used techniques such as drawing with a brush made of cotton swabs and stamping with a sponge or eraser. , they completed a wonderful box with each color expression.

The children watched with excitement as the pictures they drew turned into three-dimensional boxes, and they were also given a surprise gift of cards and souvenirs that Japanese children had made with all their heart, placed in the finished boxes. The children who received the boxes and presents were happy in various ways, with some being overjoyed and others looking at the cards with amusement.

The next day I visited was a day service for children with disabilities, which was home to many children with severe disabilities. With the hope that handicapped children would also feel the joy of drawing, we created packages and created balloon art.


At the orphanage we visited on the second day, we had fun making packages and doing balloon art with about 50 energetic children, making it feel like a festival.

They then visited impoverished villages and held blue-sky ateliers for children who had never drawn before, and for children who wanted to draw but did not have paper or art supplies. In villages where children did not have time to draw, we gave the children art supplies such as sketchbooks and crevasse, as well as Japanese souvenirs.

Even though they were living in poverty, the children were polite, had clear eyes, and I felt that their hearts were shining brightly.

When we spend time drawing with the children, we can connect our hearts to each other so much that we forget that we are Japanese, that we are in a foreign land of Cambodia, and that there is a language barrier. It’s done.

This project made me realize once again the amazing power that pictures have.


This Cambodia project was carried out with the great cooperation of the NPO Slolanyu Project.

GOFAR BANK sincerely hopes to bring smiles to the faces of all the children on this earth, and will continue to carry out this activity, “The joy of drawing transcends borders.”


“The joy of drawing transcends borders, the purpose of the project”




It conveys feelings across borders.


It’s sure to make someone smile.


I would like to convey the joy of drawing to children who have not yet known it.


The world can be changed with the smiles of children.


We believe so.