The joy of drawing transcends borders in Finland

As our second overseas project in 2015, GOFAR BANK held a workshop to “Connect Children’s Hearts” in Finland, Northern Europe.
On the first day, workshops were held at an art school and a residential facility for people with disabilities in Porvoo.
At the art school, we hold workshops on reading the GOFAR picture book, balloon art, and card making for the children who attend the school. Next, at a residential facility for people with disabilities, we held a workshop on reading picture books and making boxes and cards.

On the second day, as part of the activities of the international exchange event “Japan Week,” workshops were held at an elementary school in Helsinki, including reading the GOFAR picture book, balloon art, and card making.
In addition, before the workshop, I was able to enjoy a buffet-style lunch with the children, which allowed me to deepen my relationships with the children and get a glimpse of the high standards of Finnish education.
On the third day, a balloon art workshop was held for over 170 children at Annantalo, a former school in Helsinki.
Over the course of a week, Annantalo exhibited drawings by children from around the world, reports on GOFAR BANK’s activities, and GOFAR picture books.

In preparation for this project, Japanese children heartily presented cards with the words “To a dear friend” written in Finnish to Finnish children. The Finnish children also enjoyed drawing cards for the Japanese children with the words “Thank you” and “Friend” written in Japanese, but they also worked hard.

Through this three-day project, we were able to bring smiles to many children in Finland.
It was a fruitful project for us as we were able to experience with our own eyes and bodies a lot of things in Finland, which has world-class welfare and education.
I hope that the hearts of the children of the world will be able to communicate with each other, and that a future of peace and conflict will come to the earth.
“The joy of drawing transcends borders, the purpose of the project”


It conveys feelings across borders.

It’s sure to make someone smile.

I would like to convey the joy of drawing to children who have not yet known it.

The world can be changed with the smiles of children.

We believe so.