“We are connected across the sea”

● Hankyu Umeda Main Store Summer Show Window Project ●
● Participation and cooperation: NPO GOFAR BANK ●

Approximately 380 pictures drawn by children from all over the world with the theme of “Sea Creatures” and about 120 pictures drawn by children during the exhibition through live painting will be displayed on the 7th floor of Hankyu Umeda Main Store’s show window. created the sea.

In front of the Hankyu Umeda main store show window, where about 500,000 people pass by every day.
Over the course of two weeks, approximately 7 million people were able to see the wonderful oceans created by children around the world.

Beyond the blue sea
Children’s thoughts
I hope it connects with everyone’s hearts.

Participants: Australia, Bolivia, Canada, China, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Estonia, France, Ireland, Kenya,
Peru, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine, America, Vietnam, Japan