2nd GOFAR BANK Exhibition “Let’s unite the hearts of the world with our paintings♪” – Our thoughts will surely change something –

Children draw pictures with a lot of emotion.

The 2nd GOFAR BANK Exhibition was held at Ogimachi Kids Park in order to let more people know about “Kids to Kids,” which supports children with the thoughts of children. At the venue, many drawings were sent with warm thoughts from children from Chicago, Pennsylvania, USA, Melbourne, Charleville, Australia, Istanbul, Turkey, who supported this “Kids to Kids” project, and Betho, Vietnam. Approximately 600 items were exhibited, including drawings by children at the orphanage and drawings by children in Osaka.
Nearly 2,000 people visited, and I believe that the feelings and power contained in the children’s drawings made them realize the importance of emotional connections between children living in the same era.
In addition, at an exhibition of pictures drawn by children at Vietnam’s Be Tho Orphanage for the first time in their lives, as well as a painting workshop photo exhibition, many people were moved by the kindness conveyed in the pictures and the smiles in the pictures.

At the Gopher goods charity sales corner, we sold mugs, picture books, picture postcards, clear files, and T-shirts, with total sales of 148,600 yen. The proceeds (minus expenses) will be used to support children around the world. Delivering smiling wind sens ♪ 255 children enjoyed themselves at the original wind sen making corner. The proceeds of 25,500 yen will be used to support art supplies for children at Be Tho Orphanage in Vietnam.