Paris Children’s Art Exhibition

Children at Kids Art Land in Osaka drew pictures with a lot of hope, saying, “We want to help the children affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake.” The drawings were exhibited at the Village Royale in Paris, France as part of the Kids Art Project, and donations were collected from people in France and tourists from all over the world.
The beautiful drawings filled with the thoughts of Japanese children moved many people, and a total of 6,008,36 euros (approximately 600,000 yen) in donations were collected.
Through the NPO PSA, all proceeds were used for a project to deliver Santa Claus and presents to children in Kesennuma Oshima, Miyagi Prefecture. For several weeks after the earthquake, no aid arrived on Oshima from anywhere other than the U.S. Operation Tomodachi, and many people felt deeply hurt, saying they had been abandoned by Japan. , I believe that we were able to convey to the children of Oshima the feeling of “always supporting you” from the children of Kids Art Land in Osaka.